ZED launches two flagship programmes to raise awareness about the planet; announces sales

Paris-based producer and distributor, ZED has announced to have completed two in-house primetime productions that tackle key environmental and scientific issues. Titled, Prehistoric Worlds and Tsunamis: Facing a Global Threat, both these projects are in service to the environment conservation and planet. Said ZED Sales and Distribution head Chloé Persyn-Preljocaj, “At this point in time, we believe it is essential to offer this type of content to the audience. We want to increase awareness about these topics, and give the public keys to understanding. That involves observing the past to predict the future and adapt. And this is precisely the angle chosen in these two programmes.” The synopsis of the two productions goes like –
Prehistoric Worlds 
Prehistoric Worlds  On the brink of a sixth mass extinction that the scientific community considers imminent – this time caused by mankind – this film gives us an interesting and powerful look at Man’s existence on the scale of the history of our planet. What did these prehistoric worlds look like? How did our distant ancestors manage to survive the five mass extinctions that the Earth has suffered, finally giving rise to the world we know today?  Combining CGI of ancient animal and plant life, VFX, and filming, Prehistoric Worlds is a 90’ 4K prime time co produced by ZED and CuriosityStream for France 5 and NHK which has just been completed.  Directed by Alexis de Favitski (Voyage of the continents), this stand-alone is accompanied by a 52-minute for the international market. This version has already been pre-sold to ZDFinfo, ServusTV, Planète+, Axess TV, AMC Network, ITI Neovision and FTV Prima.  Tsunamis: Facing a Global Threat Natural disasters are occurring more and more frequently, and intensifying with climate change. In this confrontation between man and nature, there is a devastating phenomenon that nothing seems to be able to stop: Tsunamis. And in order to better predict and control tomorrow’s cataclysms, we must look to the past.  Using cutting edge science, CGIs, impressive amateur videos and reconstructions of past disasters, this captivating 52’ directed by Pascal Guérin and co-produced by ZED, ARTE and CuriosityStream, unveils tsunamis’ complex mechanics in an attempt to predict the future ones.  Far from a catastrophic scenario, this film looks at the solutions that exist to better anticipate the future. By exploring the approach of the Tsunami specialists, and by staging knowledge and popularization with a strong visual ambition, it’s this message of hope we want to carry,” added Preljocaj.  Tsunamis: Facing a Global Threat has already been sold in many territories, including Australia, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Italian-speaking Switzerland.