XP-Pen aims to simplify the design and production of professionals

XP-Pen aims to simplify and improve the design process for creative professionals by making good quality graphic tablets and design tools. Founded in Japan in 2005, XP-Pen, since then has been at the forefront of digital creative technologies and is now used in over 46 countries by over a million artists every day. Over the past 10 years, it has been a big success in USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. XP-Pen has also recently entered the UK, Russia, Indonesia and other overseas markets as well. Launched in India last year, XP-Pen products have become a preferred tool in the Indian creative arts industry within a short span of time too. Recently, Indiantelevision dot com partnered with XP Pen’s parent company in India, DNS Overseas for the 15th edition of its Indian Telly, Technical, Trade and Programming (TT&P) Awards. Under this, XP-Pen came on board as support partner for The Indian Telly TT&P Awards where few selected awardees were gifted XP-Pen Deco01 tablets. The company has a wide range of graphic tablets and monitors under Star series tablet, Deco series tablet and Artist series display. A much-loved feature on most of its products is the battery-free stylus and best-in-class pressure sensitivity. Not to mention their reliable service network and support. Having been dedicated to research, design, production and marketing of digital tablets among artists, including animators around the world for so many years, XP-Pen was recently given the opportunity to attend Summer Member Mixer with The Animation Guild of Burbank California, a guild that represents the values the work and livelihood of working new and veteran artists in the Animation Industry. The team received a welcoming response when they introduced their products keeping in mind the professional animators’ workflow. XP-Pen intends to aid in digitising the design and production of animations, with continuous innovation in tools and technology to suit their individual needs. They work closely with animators and other clients as they believe that their products should adopt innovation as per the need of the animators and not the other way around. Thus, it allows artists to realise their full potential by pushing their limits in tablet technology, compared to other existing companies. Whether you’re a budding animator or an experienced professional, you’re sure to find a graphic tablet suitable to your requirements with XP-Pen. Check out their products and other information at www.xp-pen.co.in