Wolverine to don the classic brown and yellow costume?

Fans of X-men will recognise Wolverine from the earliest portrayals as the rough-and-tough mutant with swanky sideburns, no moustache and unique prongy hairstyle, sporting the brown and yellow costume as the beloved character’s trademark description. Over the years of different portrayals, Wolverine has been seen in various different appearances. Taking cognizance of the fandom’s keen appetite for 90’s nostalgia, creators have rolled out a new suit for the upcoming X-men run with the return of some classic colours. In the recent Marvel solicitations, the cover of Uncanny X-Men’s fourteenth chapter was revealed and in that cover, we see Wolverine alongside Cyclops. Similarly even Cyclops can be seen donning his blue and yellow 90’s costume while Wolverine brandishes his brown and yellow suit with a red belt and ruddier X symbol in the middle. These classic suits signal the franchise’s revival of its roots, though not everything is in tandem with the tradition of this resurgence. Recently Wolverine received a completely new black and red costume over in the Return of Wolverine series sans the mask. Suit appeared more sleek and contemporary as its set against the backdrop of the present times as he is raised from the dead. However, his return in Uncanny appears to be well in order. We can’t wait to see Wolverine rocking the suit in classic colours.