What did foreign delegates think about enTTech?

enTTech has been consistently helping in forging, catalysing and facilitating a connectivity platform for international delegates and market players, allowing them to form constructive associations and partnerships across the world. AnimationXpress spoke to some of the international delegates to know their thoughts and views on the initiatives by enTTech.
Delegates from 33 countries
AddArt senior project manager Dimitrios Safavid (Greece)
“enTTech is surprisingly huge and it is a really big opportunity. I am really loving it as it has opened even more doors of new opportunities and possibilities than last year.
Virgin Galactic Zero-G Colony distribution consultant George Sakalli
I have a great deal of regard for the organisers since they have put together a stunning platform that has benefited in many ways.” – AddArt senior project manager Dimitrios Savvaid (Greece) ”It’s been a fascinating conference. It’s been very helpful and valuable in terms of connecting with  Indian producers Indian developers. It’s content here particularly from animation that we can help promote with our broadcast contact. We presell and raise finance so there are many opportunities that we can explore in terms of working together.” – Virgin Galactic Zero-G Colony distribution consultant George Sakalli (U.K)    
Polyhedron VR Studio CEO/creative director Gianluigi Perrone (Spain.
 “I had an amazing experience at this glorious festival that showcased the breadth of projects and talents from all over the globe. The presence of just so many players from around the world under one roof opens many doors of opportunities and markets that we can tap into.” –  Polyhedron VR Studio CEO/creative director Gianluigi Perrone  (Spain) “I came here to introduce the services that we provide to the parties that we are involved in the production ranging from films, animation and T.V series etcetera. We provide financial services as an independent third party. The event has been extremely useful as I got an opportunity to meet many big and fantastic Indian companies with whom I can work in the future together.” – Freeway Entertainment Group CTO Rita Anita Jardan (Hungary)
Freeway Entertainment Group CTO Rita Anita Jardan (Hungary)
“We had a fantastic time in India. We would like to thank the organisers who had been receptive to feedback last year that this year they made it even more enjoyable and amazing for the delegates to connect with each other and discuss business opportunities.
One Vision Entertainment head of programme and acquisition Andri Derulong (Indonesia)
The experiences have been fruitful and enriching especially being able to witness the panel discussions and presentations. Especially, the fact that we were given an ample amount of time to  interact with people.” – One Vision Entertainment head of programme and acquisition Andri Derulong (Indonesia)     With the pervasive influence of enTTech and its convergent attributes, we are witnessing a considerable rise in the graph of partnerships in the global market.We hope the initiatives add useful engines leading to the evolution of new technologies and the ways in which content is produced, replenishing further the overall market as we know it.