Walt Disney Animation launches ‘Dream Big, Princess’ to support women filmmakers

To motivate the women of the film industry, Disney has once again launched a campaign that will inspire and support the aspiring women filmmakers. Named as ‘Dream Big, Princess’ a video series, the campaign will be a platform for women to showcase their work. Last summer, Disney had teamed up with 19 women photographers from 15 countries to initiate the campaign named as ‘Dream, Big Princess’ a photo campaign. Through this campaign, they highlighted the stories of women chasing their dreams and becoming what they want to. Their showcased photos were stunning, meaningful, and life-changing. Disney donated $1 million to the United Nations Foundation’s ‘Girl Up’ as posts received almost 1 million likes and shares within the first five days. Disney’s newest campaign aims to inspire and support aspiring women filmmakers by giving them a platform to showcase their work. As starters, Disney has selected 21 girls and women from across 13 countries to develop short films about women who have inspired them. These short films will also be available for the world to watch on Disney’s social media channels. Moreover, a donation of $1 from Disney will be made for every share and like on the post. The donation will be made to ‘Give Up’ which will continue to promote women’s equality through training and education. Chief creative officer of Disney, Jennifer Lee who won an Oscar for her work in Frozen, says, “Using the journeys of characters like Anna, Elsa and Moana to inspire kids to dream big is at the very heart of what all of us at Disney do.” In this video, Lee speaks about the new edition of the Walt Disney Company’s initiative #DreamBigPrincess. Such more campaigns should be initiated by big-notch giants like Disney to encourage the women population and motivate them to contribute more to their respective industry.