‘VRcade PowerPlay’ and AMP creates an esport solution for LBE operators

VRstudios, provider of commercial, large-scale, free-roaming, multiplayer VR solutions for location-based entertainment (LBE) businesses, launched additional configurations of its VRcade PowerPlay esports product brand. Following the release of its flagship VRcade Arena for eight players, PowerPlay is now available for smaller arenas supporting match play between two to six players. It is available as a turn-key solution and a new attraction for existing OptiTrack-based arenas. PowerPlay is powered by AMP, the VRcade attraction management platform, which centralises integration of system technologies, attraction content, operations, performance analytics, and remote support. AMP is being utilised to deploy and operate hundreds of VR attractions around the globe. Together, VRcade PowerPlay and AMP attempt to create an esports solution for LBE operators to quickly add “Sport of the Future” VR attractions to their business. “With multiple configurations of PowerPlay, we are bringing the next generation of eSports to all LBE venues. No matter the size of your facility’s footprint, LBE operators and businesses can offer this highly physical, engaging, and unique game,” said VRstudios vice president of creative development Chanel Summers. These new configurations showcase all the unique features and capabilities of VRcade PowerPlay including:
  •         An intensely athletic, free-roaming team sport.
  •         eAthletes move naturally as if they were on a real-world playing field, including running, ducking, and jumping to beat the competition.
  •         Highly replayable competitive matches.
  •         Exciting spectator engagement through live action and streamed in-game broadcasts.
  •         Customisable for brands, themes and big IP assets.
  •         Requires no special facility, additional physical infrastructure or props.
Each arena size provides a different PowerPlay esport experience, as various configurations encourage different team strategies and maneuvers, pace of play and physical movement. VRstudios offers full turn-key solutions and support for upgrading existing OptiTrack systems. VRcade PowerPlay is currently available and can be ordered directly from VRstudios.