Virtual Reality: VR artist Anna Zhilyaeva conjures up a magical 3D world

Virtual Reality has been heralded as the future for a long time now. But its applications never cease to amaze. V.R has managed to save time, allowing filmmakers to achieve milestones via virtual production headsets — camera angles, bodysuits, tracking, performance capture etc.

Wearing her headset with mechanical paintbrushes in her moving hands, french virtual reality artist Anna Zhilyaeva conjures up magic. She posted a painting which she starts with with a colourful   three-dimensional world with urban and yuppified environment which gradually opens up a painting of a lady.

“Where paint brushes act like wands from Hogwarts”

The three-dimensional nature of it is nothing short of epic and you are left wondering if only renaissance  painters in the old days used this technology to make their art more captivitating. She shared: “There is some invisible energy that circulate and connect all together. Ideas are appearing in different parts of the world at the very same time. Twin spirits meet each other, no matter where they are. When perceptions are at a similar level, we make identical discoveries. We are surprised by the alike behaviors: disagree or approve. We want to live forever and disappear just a minute later. Does everything come to life and die or just transforms?” She also recently replicated the Leading the People painting by Eugène Delacroix to depict the lifting of the Covid-19 induced lockdown. The best part is that she makes the characters in the painting wear masks and climbs into it to be a part of it, waving the french flag.
Her latest painting of actress Salma Hayek is in fact larger than lifesize and yet so spellbinding.
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With the aid of her background in traditional art to create 3D works, Zhilyaeva uses Tilt Brush to bring the choreographies of her imagination to live. With the help of green screen capture to generate a composite, mixed-reality image, the artist demonstrably replicates brush strokes directly onto the virtual canvas. The output produces a ‘live’ painting in augmented reality, helping the artist to view a virtual version of her real acrylic painting inside the VR environment with adjustable scale, calibrated area and precise positions. This technology indeed has opened many frontiers of possibilities with art galleries getting a paradigm shift in the near future.