Viaan Industries forays into animation with their IP- ‘Adventures of Ali Baba’

Animation industry in India is growing exponentially with every passing day. With several studios, companies and independent artists doing some amazing stuff, the future of Indian animation only seems brighter. Adding to this league is Viaan Industries that has recently plunged into this field with their IP – Adventures of Ali Baba. Founded by Entrepreneur Raj Kundra and his celebrity wife, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Viaan Industries has a strong and growing presence across the promising sectors of entertainment, Gaming, Licensing and Animation. The company’s vision is to drive a lifestyle change in masses through technology offerings. Their unique business offerings enable the stakeholders, distributors and customers to be part of the Indian growth story. Viaan Industries managing director Raj Kundra mentioned, “The Adventures of Ali Baba is a children’s animation series and what better inspiration than our own children. The idea struck us when we saw Ali (son of creative director, Nazar Abbas) and Viaan playing together. They were just being mischievous, creative and enjoying themselves. Adventures of Ali Baba is an ode by two fathers to their children and that’s why this animation series is extremely close to our heart.”  The animated series is their first venture into animation, initially being into games like Match IPL, Game of Dot, Chasebid, Club Poker, Poker Raj and the recent one being Domestic Diva– the first celebrity themed cooking game of the country with Shilpa Shetty as the mentor. Without giving much spoiler about the series, Kundra added that Adventures of Ali Baba has a lot of mischief and adventures and is going to cover topics that are quite relevant to children and each character has a different trait. “The characters are inspired from real life children who are of the same age and have been playing together since they were born. The characters have a strong resemblance with their bond of friendship and brotherhood. Based on this, we, two fathers got along and decided to recreate this magic, while we may not do justice entirely, I’m sure we’re pretty close,” he said. While Viaan Industries hold the digital rights, this Indian animation series is also going to go global as the company is in talks to sell the broadcasting rights to different countries beyond the seas. In India, the broadcasting rights have been bought by Viacom. The series looks promising with all the heart and affection, the makers have poured into it.