VFX company Basilic Fly Studio opens new office in Pune

Chennai-based visual effects company Basilic Fly Studio (BFS) is opening their new office in Pune. Last year the 10-year-old company opened a new base in Canada. 

As a part of their hiring process, the company is planning a roadshow in the city, the venue being Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar. This is to attract all VFX talents.

“Team Basilic Fly Studio is getting ready to be in Pune on 2 and 3 of April 2022. Needful arrangements are in full swing. The studio invites VFX production talent in Pune to attend this roadshow. Make sure to be there. Save the date(s),” they shared on their social media handle.

“Pune is an ideal location for us to branch out. The city has always featured in our growth map-mainly due to the abundant availability of trained VFX artists and a pro-VFX ecosystem, painstakingly built over several years. Building capacities remains one of our top strategic priorities. We see our setting-up operations in Pune as a logical next step,” said BFS MD and CEO R Balakrishnan.

BFS’s COO and board member added, “Our operations in Pune will help consolidate our studios’ strengths. These new capacities will make us more prepared to handle a wider range of VFX projects. This move comes in a timely manner when many of our clients are seeking additional resources to support their emergent VFX needs. To me, this is more a beginning and we have larger plans for Pune as well as for the rest of India.”

Basilic Fly Studio is a full-fledged VFX studio that provides high-end visual effects for movies, episodics and commercials. Their work spans VFS streams such as rotoscopy, paint/prep, rotomation and compositing. Through their Vancouver studio, they already offer advanced VFX support to projects- including on-location services.