VES: VFX Pros Home Editions to discuss the ‘The Art Of Decision Making On Working Remotely’

When the VFX industry was collectively asked to adapt to the work from home-model induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses needed to pivot quickly and make smart decisions to remain effective and responsive to their clients. From adapting workflows and content reviews, to building and deploying remote workstations, to integrating automated software to create and deliver VFX projects, the FotoKem team employed a number of strategies to ensure the highest quality work, even in a dynamic new climate. VES’s webcast series’ next episode titled VFX Pros: Home Edition on The Art Of Decision making on Working Remotely is all set to be will be hosted by industry professionals on zoom is set to unleash an insightful set of sessions for the community.Recently Visual Effects society launched a VFX-centric web session amid the lockdown to educate the VFX community about various aspects of technology and craft through stories ranging from behind the scenes, live conversations about new-age techniques, discussions around VES 70 most influential visual effects films and more.


The Visual Effects Society is a professional global honorary society dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences and applications of visual effects and to upholding the highest standards and procedures for the visual effects profession. It is the entertainment industry’s only official organization representing the extended global community of visual effects practitioners, including supervisors, artists, producers, technology developers, educators and studio executives. VES’ more than 4,000 members in 40 countries worldwide contribute to all areas of entertainment – film, television, commercials, animation, music videos, games, new media and special venues.

Visual Effects Society (VES), the industry’s professional global honorary society’s VFX Pros: Home edition, is a dynamic new initiative that will shine a light on a range of issues and developments in the visual effects sphere surrounding the Art of Decision Making on Working Remotely Get their insights and lessons learned from this challenging experience – including how the industry might retain some of these changes for the better. The FotoKem panel includes — David Hall, Director of Dailies Operations; David Cole, Supervising Digital Colorist; Jose Parra VP Creative Services, Senior DI Producer; and Alex Oreman, Director of Production Engineering This session is going to be insightful for all the VFX professionals. You can watch the interactive webcast on The Art of Decision Making on Working From Home with senior executives from FotoKem.on Tuesday, 16 June 2020 at 11:00 am (PDT)