VES India presents ‘The Making of’ some of the magical work in VFX powered by AMD Radeon Pro

VES Society in collaboration with AMD is putting together a conference titled THE MAKING OF at the Fun Republic Cinema on 30th March Activated by AnimationXpress, THE MAKING OF  is a one of a kind event that is set to enlighten the attendees with the technological nuances and processes that went behind some of the best imagery created on celluloid across the world.
The event will bring under one roof, top industry veterans, artists and VFX technicians of the most notable VFX projects including the OSCAR-winning movie First Man Not only will the presentations furnish an in-depth understanding and perspective with respect to how the VFX supervisors managed to deliver the premium VFX spectacles in the movies but also shed light on the latest technologies by the leading software company AMD that is poised to ease the workflow across studios. If you hail from the visual effects turf or fancy yourself as a technology enthusiast, this event is specially curated and designed for you. If you’re near Mumbai, you can register yourself on