Vaughan International Film Festival to present a workshop by Terry Notary

For the first time in Eastern Canada,Vaughan International Film Festival (VFF) is thrilled to announce a new and innovative workshop presented by VAPZ Tastebudz on 17 November, with Terry Notary, one of the most notable motion capture experts in the world, whose talents have contributed to blockbuster franchises such as Avengers Infinity War, rebelling as Teen Groot, The Planet of the Apes, hanging as Rocket, and wrestling titans as King Kong in Kong: Skull Island. Notary’s most recent job as movement coach included Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson’s Rampage and Disney’s highly anticipated remake of The Lion King. Calling on all actors, stunt performers, dancers, directors, and anybody interested in the intricacies of the film industry’s most coveted modern acumen; the committee invites those looking to hone their craft and truly embrace the future of film-making. The two workshop sessions (three hours each) located in Vaughan, will include detailed lessons in stunt choreography and performance movement, with a bonus Q&A to follow. Learning from one of Hollywood’s masters, Notary’s knowledge in performance movement will allow you to reform, and often times set aside, basic humans’ habits to truly encapsulate the physicality of another foreign body. This intimate and interactive event is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get insider information on the next generation of performance capture talent.