V-Ray to host three day event to showcase artistry, talent and importance of using its features

Organised by ARK Infosolutions and Chaos Group, V-Ray Day is an event set to showcase the artistry and talent of its user-base and highlight the importance of using V-Ray’s powerful features to support workflows. Chaos Group has a proven record of providing state-of-the-art rendering solutions for the media, entertainment and design industry with V-Ray; their flagship software. Among V-Ray experts, the event will play host to a number of guest speakers from top VFX firms and the architecture industry on the dias. V-Ray team will conduct sessions where they will exhibit how the relevant tools can dramatically optimise and improve the projects. Speaking to AnimationXpress, V-Ray representative shared, “We want to empower artists to focus on the act of creation and we will demonstrate the value of V-Ray as a fast, easy and powerful tool to bring ideas to light. We are looking forward to the feedback that we get from users and opportunities for future collaborations.” With an aim to help artists in every step of the creative process, V-Ray comes in as a crucial tool to promote projects, ensure internal and external buy-in and facilitates communication between artists, designers, and directors. Speaking about their latest offering Lavina, V-Ray Representative said, “Lavina is a groundbreaking new Chaos Group product for exploring and manipulating V-Ray scenes within a 100 per cent ray-traced environment in real-time.” They have partnered with SketchUp and PNY for this year’s edition of AEC events in Mumbai and Bangalore.