Universal slashes ‘Cats’ from its ‘for your consideration’ page

Cats is having a difficult time at the Box office, given the fact that it was rushed to the big screens before it was even finished. While the cat-astrophe is still being played at the theatres and there were talks about its  oscar nominations. it seems the future is not very bright for cats. After a dismal opening weekend at the box office, Universal Pictures have officially removed Cats from their For your consideration campaign. This suggests they are not up for awards nomination at the Academy.
Some viewers wondered why the cats, played by big stars in motion-capture suits later digitally altered to look like they had real cat fur, still had human hands. One viral photo showed a cat-ified Judi Dench performing with what appeared to be her own wedding ring. A tribe of cats must decide yearly which one will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. Unless a miracle happens with the updated visual effects, Cats is staring at its own Box office doom. We’ll see how the movie audiences receives the film in the second week. With the budget of 95 million dollars, it has only managed to claw in a meagre 15.28 million dollars worldwide to date. The movie drew instant fire from its trailer, with netizens reporting feelings of dread and revulsion from the scary faces of their favourite stars.