underDOGS Gaming Studio releases ‘Chubby Superhero: Survival’ for Android

Superheroes are hitting the big screen with vengeance this summer, first we had Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and following on his heels The Amazing Spiderman 2. But there is a superhero of another kind who is looking to make some big waves on the small screen. We are talking about underDOGS Gaming Studio’s latest game for Android, Chubby Superhero: Survival that launched on 25 April. Speaking to AnimationXpress.com underDOGS founder and CEO Vaibhav Chavan says: “We wanted to make a simple casual game which can keep players hooked on to, it really turned out addictive though.” “We went for a superhero, but a different kind. Usually superheroes are portrayed smart and sleek; we wanted a chubby guy with superhero abilities which eventually made it funnier,” expounds Chavan on using a superhero character.   The game was developed in 15 days with five people working on it from development to execution. Chubby Superhero revolves around the protagonist, where the user plays ‘Chubby’ and needs to survive the end of the world by avoiding the falling firestones. With incredible powers and super antics ‘Chubby’ will entertain and keep the user on his toes (read finger tips). There is also Chubby’s father, who will guide him through his journey and survive to carry on the legacy. The game is fast paced, has unlimited game play, very intuitive controls, super powerups, fun antics and stunning graphics with engaging sounds and music. Chavan reveals: “We always wanted a game on a supehero, but a weird one; this maybe a start of a series we would look at in the coming future with different game mechanics and chapters.” The game is currently available for Android on the Google Play Store. The studio soon plans to make it available on iOS, Amazon, Nook and Microsoft in the coming week or even before that. “It’s been just a few days since it’s gone live, right now we are into promoting the game by every possible means so the numbers are not out yet. Hope to see bigger numbers with this one,” adds Chavan on the response to the game.
underDOGS Gaming Studio is currently also working on an unlimited car chasing game and an innovative swipe game; AnimationXpress.com will keep you posted on these developments. connect@animationxpress.com