Underdogs Gaming drives gamification into driverless cars

Mumbai based Underdogs Gaming Studios recently showcased their gamification platform for autonomous driving cars using simulation data parameters such as weather condition, traffic density etc. to help driverless car AI optimise better. The Daimler Group celebrated its largest ever Digital Day at Mercedes Benz R&D India with the seven winning  startups showcasing six solutions to achieve the global group’s CASE Strategy. Underdogs Gaming Studios during this event exhibited their smart gaming platform which will derive data which could help the driverless vehicle industry achieve precious data to optimise autonomous behaviour better.   The Daimler group has had many global successes in open innovation programs from crowd-sourcing design ideas for their futuristic cars to successful collaborations with start-ups for operational prototypes. MBRDI, Bangalore was keen to push the bar on open innovation as they planned their largest ever DigitalLife Day. As a cornerstone of the event, they were keen to solve six technology use cases for five different lines of businesses leveraging the vibrant startup scene in India. Underdogs was the only gaming company which approached the challenge with a gamification mindset. The platform built by Underdogs simulates any road in the world using realtime open street maps. Pre-defined sets of driving behaviour are fed into the system which can be simulated at different intensities. Additional elements such as human behavior, environment conditions, traffic limitations, road design etc are then interlaced with the platform where the AI car will interpret optimised data. The team at Underdogs have plans to integrate detailed human behavior and profiling on this platform which could help industries like manufacturing, medicine, insurance etc. in the future. This is one of the first times an Indian gaming company has been roped in for the Autonomous space where experiential learning was implemented for a successful POC. The Autonomous/driverless industry has been one of bold promises, high-profile elements about the future. The transition will take some time for sure but AI with this unique blend of gamification as showcased by the teams at Underdogs Studios seems to be promising a unique way to make our ride safer and better!