UME drops Dota2 team: ‘the future of the game is not bright’

The esports scene in India has witnessed tremendous growth over the past years. However, the recent trends are concerned the entry of mobile esports seems to have changed the esports scene in the country. Because of the popularity of the mobile esports, some of the globally popular esports games seems facing a challenge in holding the foothold for example –Dota2. Recently UMumba Esports dropped their Dota 2 team as they figured out that the future of DOTA 2 India is not as bright as other esports games. As the official post UME team principal  Amar Ratnam reads, “Unfortunately, with major tournament changes initiated by the tournament organisers for DOTA2 in India, the future of the game is not bright. This was communicated to us at the end of the recently concluded ESL India Premiership Winter Finale that took place in January. The DOTA2 scene in India has undergone major changes with almost all organisations dropping their squads right after the ESL event announcement.” Earlier ESL India Premiership is undoubtedly the event that has consistently given platforms to players for multiple seasons. Even though the Winter split this time has Dota 2, it might be dropped from the upcoming seasons. The organisers said that they really want the game to survive and flourish as it has been there since the beginning and it will not be easy to replace the title with another. However, as the viewership in the country declines, the organisers informed that they will look further into the viewership and other factors of the Winter Split and make a final call on what is to be done further. Till then we do not know if we will see the title in the coming ESL editions. Then one of India’s rather known esports brand is dropping its Dota 2 roster. While PUBG Mobile has recently picked up the pace for esports in the country, Dota 2 seems to be losing on viewership. Global Esports, recently announced that they will be bidding farewell to its roster, which consisted of players majorly from the ex-Signify lineup. Here is the statement from GE CEO Rushindra Sinha on Facebook: “End of an Era for GE Dota 2.With a very heavy heart we bid farewell to our Dota 2 Roster.” Ratnam further shares Acrid (Ex Dota 2 team captain)will continue to work with them. “Vivek has enjoyed working with UME family and wanted to continue his association. Since he has enjoyed creating content with us, he will continue to do so, working closely with the creative team while also hosting new episodes of his chat room series. From everyone at UME – I would like to thank the DOTA2 players for all their constant hard work and effort. We wish them the best of luck for their future”