UK’s Axis Group extend their animation arm with the launch of Axis Studios

The animation and VFX firm Axis Group of UK have officially launched their latest venture Axis Studios, a collaboration of all three of their brands namely Axis Animation, Flaunt Productions and axisVFX. Each of those brands functioned on the basis of their own independent goals, strategies and workforce, but will now collaborate under the patronage of Axis Studios thereby coalescing their creative outputs. Driven by the objective of delivering “the unexpected”, the studios was launched in order to tackle a wider range of projects and also take up projects at a larger scale, all of this operating out their three locations in Glasgow, London and Bristol. Axis Studio CEO Richard Scott says, “Axis Studios bolsters our ability to be involved in the most creatively challenging areas of the entertainment industry”. “Whatever the demands of the project, Axis Studios can look across three companies and locations to select the optimum creative approach, production workflow and culture. We’re not beholden to one set template. Collaboration is at the core of Axis Studios, ensuring every project is tailored to its requirements”, he adds. All three of their existing studios are resultantly being expanded to accommodate a greater number of creative crew. Axis Glasgow have ballooned their physical space which permits them to have a crew of 180 members, whereas axisVFX in Bristol has increased its capacity to 50. Axis London is considering moving to a studio space too, although in late summer 2017.
Studio of Axis Glasgow
Mouthing the benefits of these expansions is Axis Studios Executive Producer Debbie Ross, who says, “The Axis Studios expansion gives us access to a deeper pool of creative talent across all three locations. The artists in each of our studios have different but very complementary skillsets.” She further states, “It is so important for us to nurture, develop and work collaboratively with the best talent as they are the backbone to realising our future ambitions.”
The art book by Axis Studios
The launch of Axis Studios is commemorated with the simultaneous release of an art book, which encompasses all the behind-the-scenes work, done across all three of their studios.