Ubisoft registers domain name for ‘Prince of Persia 6’

Ubisoft have registered a domain name princeofpersia6[dot]com. The domain name servers have been set to Ubisoft’s name servers and the domain has been registered recently. Earlier this year, it was on reports about Prince of Persia remake, which is apparently in the works at Ubisoft but these rumours were quickly shut down by a reliable industry insider Daniel Ahmad who made it clear that there is no Price of Persia remake in the works. Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia 6 domain name registration was shared on Reddit by user NayamAmarshe. As of now, the website doesn’t lead anywhere, but speculation points to it eventually directing visitors to a website for a Prince of Persia 6 video game. However, it should be noted that if Prince of Persia 6 is in development, it’s unlikely that it will actually be called Prince of Persia 6. All the other games in the series, minus the 2008 reboot, have subtitles of some kind instead of using numbered entries, and one has to imagine that trend will continue with the next game in the series. Last week, it registered the domain for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla just hours before the game was officially revealed. There is a possibility that currently Ubisoft does not have a new Prince of Persia game in development, but maybe it has just taken control of the domain name just in case it decides to pursue such a project in the future.