Top five latest video games with the best graphics and animation

Video game graphics have come a long way over the decades. If you check, you will realise that the crisp clean graphics of the games makes them an enjoyable experience. Who remembers the days of Atari gaming and the simple graphics used in games like Space Invaders? Or how Link from The Legend of Zelda started out as this pixel coloured blob. Animation itself could often be a bit choppy too back then. Now fast forward to the video games around today for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The graphics and animation are so realistic in so many of these games that it’s like being immersed in the game itself. You have World of Warcraft, The Witcher and Skyrim who have come a long way in their animation. Even online casino gaming, such as what you will find at Platinum Play Casino, have come a long way. If it is great graphics and animation that you want, here are some of the best that came out, or are due to hit the shelves for 2017. Bear in mind, to experience these awesome animation your computer and graphic cards need to be up to spec for the full animation effect! Here are the video games that boast excellent graphics: Destiny 2 Set to be released for PC/online gaming at the end of October, Destiny 2 came out for Xbox and PS4 at the start of September. The intro videos alone had players scrambling to pre-order the PC version of the game. Set in a mythic sci-fi world, Destiny 2 was created by the very same Bungie team that created Halo. Now, there were some issues with the original Destiny gaming platform and the engine it was running on. But it seems that this has been fixed for Destiny 2 and the animation looks smooth with clear, sharp graphics. The cinematics for their cut scenes are incredible as well. The PvP (Player versus Player) platform and environment runs well with no lag and the graphics up close hold on to their sharp design and look. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is the second expansion to be created for GW2. This MMORP was developed and published by Arenanet and is due to come out any day now. Looking at examples and beta testing, the animation looks as good as the main game itself. Some new features have been added, such as new mounts and specialisations for your characters. Some trailers were recently released and the game takes player to the Crystal Desert. Now, you might think, “A desert, how boring,” but that is not the case. The art and graphics bring to you every kind of desert you can imagine, with a level of fidelity and detail that was worked on diligently. Horizon: Zero Dawn Created by Guerilla Games or PS4, Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place is this lush post-apocalyptic world with vibrant graphics and in game animations. Released this February, the game has a strong female character and is played on the Decima game engine, which was previously engineered for their Killzone game and tweaked for Horizon. It’s also their very first attempt at creating a role playing game. And they did a great job! To make things even better, an expansion, The Frozen Wilds, will be adding additional content for the game, including characters, story lines and a new area for players to explore. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild This is video game where you can see just how far animation has come. This is a fresher approach to the older Zelda games, and one which they have been striving towards since its first inception. Developed and published by Nintendo for both Wii U and Switch, the game hit the stores back in March. It was meant to be released in 2015 exclusively for Wii U but was delayed twice. Were these delays worth the wait? Definitely! This new addition to the Zelda gaming world offers an open world environment that is different from past games. Using a physics engine that is highly detailed and high definition visuals, the depth of its graphics and animation has breathed new life into this gaming classic. Critics have praised Breath of the Wild as one of the greatest games of all time in the video game industry. Little Nightmares Tarsier Studios brings us a creepy little game called Little Nightmares, which has a Tim Burton type feel to its graphics and animation. It has been compared to games like Inside and Limbo. The details are sharp and very realistic, which gives it that extra creepy factor. The game uses atmosphere, fear of the unknown and cultural themes that create a haunting scenario. And the nightmares are both terrifying and a bit grotesque. The game is a puzzle platformed horror adventure that follows the story of a young child called Six who is trying to escape from a vast mysterious vessel called the Maw. It’s a suspense filled game that will give you chills and goose bumps. These are but a few of the great video games that offer the best animation and graphic game play. Video games aren’t the only area where we can find the best graphics though. If you look around at online casino gaming, for example the slots games found on Platinum Play Casino, you can experience just how realistic animations can be for this area of the gaming industry too.