Titan Comics to turn ‘Life Is Strange’ into a comic book

Titan Comics has partnered with Square Enix’s game series Life is Strange to publish comics based on it. This is going to be an opportunity for the fans to revisit Blackwell Academy and their beloved characters. The original Life is Strange game was based on a young girl, Max Caufield who returns to her school in her hometown Oregon of Arcadia Bay. Her realisation of having powers to bend time helps save a kid’s life. The story revolves around her powers, loss, friendship and dealing with bullying. Don’t Nod, the game developer created a world around the characters. The upcoming comic book series will showcase the Arcadia Bay as seen in Life is Strange: Before The Storm prequel of 2017. Since the release of Life is Strange series in 2015, it has become a gaming phenomenon, selling over three million copies and winning 75 awards and accolades. In addition to the upcoming comic book, Titan has published comics based on Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein II, and Bloodborne. The recent release from Titan is a comic inspired by Sea of Thieves, and the other is based on Dark Souls, which is slated to make its debut in May.