Titan Comics to publish Kirby and Kane’s comic ‘The Prisoner’ in July

As Titan Comics turns 50 this year, its time to unlock the comic trove and give an untended work its due as The Prisoner is finally on its way to the comic stands. The American publication plans to commemorate its golden jubilee by putting out Jake Kirby and Gil Kane’s unreleased graphic novel in the public domain in prints, 50 years after its completion. Based on the cult British espionage television series of the same name, the legendary comic writing duo attempted to draft a hardcover of it for Marvel. But for reasons unbeknownst, it remained on the wings even though the comic was fully ready. Now, the studio is apparently releasing the series under the name The Prisoner: Original Art Edition come July, which not only features an adaptation of a television pilot, but also an episode written by Steven Engelheart. Moreover, a brand new comic series is in the pipeline too as writers Peter Milligan and Colin Lorimer pen a new tale in The Prisoner saga, continuing from where its earlier edition left off. The Patrick McGoohan-starrer aired between 29 September 1967 and 1 February 1968 and spawned 17 episodes, chronicling the misadventures of an erstwhile British secret agent Number Six who is abducted into a remote island. Half a century on since the culmination of the series, it is about to be revived in the pages of the upcoming comic.