Tinkle Comics’ Shikari Shambu will be travelling the world in 2020

The very popular comic, Tinkle has always been one of the reasons to cultivate the habit of reading in kids. With the various comic strips, stories, riddles, puzzles and fun activities, the comic has managed to remain a top favourite among young readers and adults alike. 2019 saw Tinkle exploring story arcs in old and new series. Tantri the Mantri managed to become king, the Defective Detectives, DD, followed the mystery of the strange gadgets of the Bunkum Trunkum, while the YogYodhas trained to defeat the deadly genius, Ugra. The arcs became hugely popular and looking at the love received, Tinkle will be having shorter arcs in 2020 for favourite characters including Tantri, Shikari Shambu and YogYodhas. “Shikari Shambu will be travelling around the world starting with Madagascar initially, moving to the Scandinavian nations in the summer, Japan during the Olympics and Australia later this year,” said Tinkle editor-in-chief Rajani Thindiath.  Shambu will travel and interact with animals indigenous to those countries in his adventures there. And it sure is going to be fun, a lot of fun! Shikari Shambu is a conservationist and not hunter, although known as one. Created by former Tinkle editor Luis Fernandes, artist V. B. Halbe brought Shambu to life and currently Tinkle art director Savio Mascarenhas keeps Shambu’s charm alive. March onward, Tinkle will also have a range of super interesting features like Name Place Animal Thing (NPAT); Top That, a trivia feature and Dear Tinkle, a helpline column for kids. Looks like we need to make space in our shelves, for a whole bunch of Tinkle comics is ready to occupy your mind and bookshelves too!