Tinkle Comics’ beloved character, Tantri finally graces the king’s throne

Tinkle’s legendary series Tantri the Mantri will fulfil a popular demand from Tinkle readers. After 35 long years, Tantri gets his heart’s desire to rule the kingdom of Hujli, with the death of Raja Hooja. Tantri is a minister at the court of king Hooja. However he always had his eye on the throne of Hujli. In this effort, he has tried his best to get rid of Hooja over the years. To his frustration, all his attempts have ended up in failure. The king of Hujli, Raja Hooja was a foodie and particularly loved laddoos. He considered his minister, Tantri, his best friend and blissfully remained unaware of the latter’s schemes to get rid of him. It is Hooja’s phenomenal luck that has saved his skin over the years. Tantri the Mantri first debuted in Tinkle comics in 1984 and over the years became one of the magazine’s most iconic characters. The series has been written and illustrated by multiple writers and artists earlier but is currently illustrated by staff artist Vineet Nair. “Tantri the Mantri has followed many twists and turns over the years. But one abiding demand from readers has been that Tantri should be given the chance to become king. We have decided to turn the world of the Tantri the Mantri series upside down by doing exactly that,” shared Tinkle Comics editor-in-chief Rajani Thindiath. The new series will see Hooja dead with Tantri dealing with the various royal duties that are on his plate. Tinkle has fanned the curiosity of readers by making Tantri the king. It’s a matter of time to see if Tantri will also have to fight to keep the throne? Will there be attempts on Tantri’s life and if yes, how will Tantri deal with them, without Hooja’s perennial luck? Tinkle also created a motion comic for the fans to know the cause of Hooja’s death, which is a prelude to the current story.
The issue is out in the market from 16 April 2019. When are you grabbing your copy?