Three Indian games with which you can substitute your favourite big titles

In an ecosystem where there is a myriad amount of games to choose from, a lot of good games or at least ‘fun to play’ games are lost in the discover-ability pipeline. The titles which adhere to good marketing practices reaches its audiences while others rely on word of mouth and a bit of luck. However once you discover these games, you might as well ponder on the fact that, ‘Why have I not played this game before?’ Today, we take a look at some of the lesser known titles which you can substitute instead of playing a known game of similar type. Instead of Super Meat Boy try Super Nano jumpers Super Meat Boy reminds us of the retro platformer that it is. Even though it was an indie title, the game was a decent success and was even released over Xbox 360. Now if you want something similar to that, you should definitely try Super Nano Jumpers, by the Indian indie studio, Xigma Games. The game is mobile friendly and hence makes it much simpler. The game is out on iOS, do give it a try. Instead of Forza Horizon try Highway Driver 3D Yes, definitely Forza Horizon is replete with chic cars and provides us with an enthralling experience, if you have racing on your mind, you might as well try Highway Driver 3D. Why? Its rather why not! It runs on your mobile and has some interesting twists in the gameplay. You drive a car, an ambulance, even an auto rickshaw that too while changing your professions in the game. Its much more casual and hence perfect for you momentary gaming pangs. Get it on your android device! Instead of the same old EA Cricket try Stick Cricket Virat and Rohit We’ve all played a game from EA’s famed Cricket franchise for sure as it has been one of the longest running franchises from the sports genre. While the IP is making a comeback soon, why don’t you try Nazara Games’ Stick Cricket Virat and Rohit. Created in association with Stick Sports, the game lets you play as one of the two top batsmen of the Indian Cricket team. Another reason to play? It is available on your mobile devices! These are just some of many games you can substitute with popular games, let us know what you play while your favourite big titles are somehow unavailable or you get bored of! These might not be exactly up to the mark with the compared titles but they are definitely worth a shot!