These revenue figures of ‘Pokemon Go’ might just surprise you

While Pokemon Go refuses to take a break from contributing to the headlines all over the globe, it has not only managed to solidify its presence throughout but has kept the fans in a state of frenzy to ‘catch’em all’. Almost anyone who is a fan of the IP can be found fidgeting with their smartphone in an attempt to faintly experience the magnificent universe. Some of the people from the Indian gaming industry indicated that the game is here to stay and might prove immensely beneficial for the developers. Niantic, the makers of the game, already have plans for some updates that are to come in the future as revealed by Niantic, CEO, John Hanke. Pokemon Go has not only managed to win over the fans but also shine as a great revenue churner. On the day of the game’s launch in the USA, Nintendo’s shares spiked up by 10 per cent when it is not the sole stake holder. Both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have undisclosed stakes in Niantic. Following it up, it was recently revealed that Nintendo’s share prices in Tokyo have sky rocketed by a whopping 86 per cent which translates to around $17 billion. If that was not enough to indicate the game’s presence already, according to a research company named Slice Intelligence, on 10 July, Pokemon Go’s in-game purchases contributed to 47 per cent of the total of the entire gaming market.
Pokemon Go Slice Intelligence
Source: Slice Intelligence
The game might also be bringing in first-time payees for a mobile game as according to the report 53 per cent in-game buyers of Pokemon Go had made one of zero mobile game transactions in the last six months. The most popular purchase was the 100 Poke Coin bundle which contributed to 37 per cent of all purchases, however the company earned most of its revenues from the 1,200 Poke Coin bundles which comes at a cost of $5. As it is being estimated that Pokemon Go has already earned around $14 million in revenues, it would be safe to say that the game would be doing better than Niantic’s previous game- Ingress. Let’s wait and watch!