Technology can help in the fight against COVID 19

Technology has become an integral part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Business and people have engaged in finding ways to ensure that the pandemic is a thing of the past amid its continued impact on livelihoods. The business has come up with various ways in which technology can come in and assist in driving out this deadly pandemic. Here are some of the significant ways in which technology has been vital in the fight.

The launch of a global initiative by the Amazon web services

Amazon has been known as one of the world’s companies that are specialized in more significant research and development activities. Recently, the company launched its amazon web services diagnostic development initiative to fight the COVID 19 pandemic

The initiative commits over 20 million dollars for all its customers who work on the diagnostic solutions for the coronavirus. The funding for this initiative will be offered in proper credits and technical support to assist the research teams in utilizing the cloud technology to fight COVID 19.

Use of 3D printers in making the required products

3D printing is one of the latest technologies that have been used in the medical fraternity now for some time. The technology has been used widely in printing some of the body parts of people and other internal and physical organs for transplant. However, for COVID 19, the use of this technology is a bit different.

As you know, the COVID 19 pandemic came with the wearing of masks that must go behind the ears. Some people have complained of the masks causing injuries behind the ears, and therefore there is a need for a guard to ensure a safe wearing of face masks.

Quinn Callander, a Canadian boy, has, therefore, come up with a 3D printing technology to assist in the production of ear guards to sit behind your ears and hold the elastic part of the facemask. In this manner, the injuries that this elastic part cases to the ears disappear hence leading to proper wearing of masks without any complaints.

Making PPEs

Personal protective equipment is part and parcel of the fight against COVID 19 pandemic. Every individual health worker must be well dressed in their protective equipment before they handle any patient for fear of being affected by the infection. Thus, the first step towards fighting this pandemic should be by making as many, and as useful PPEs as possible.

Technology and specifically the 3D printing technology have been vital in printing the needed protective equipment for the health workers and for any other interested individual to fight the disease. The face shield, the carbon, Prusa research, and even the face masks have been produced using the technology. The use of this technology has increased significantly the number of this equipment that can be produced daily hence boosting the fight against COVID 19.

Use DeepMind by Google company.

Google Company, just like Amazon, also has applied technology to fight COVID 19 and ensure that every individual understands the nature of COVID and avoid any activities that may lead tom it. The company has developed an educational platform or website that hosts resources about COVID 19 pandemic.

This technology that Google calls the DeepMind is meant to establish a centralized place where all information about COVID is found to help create awareness amongst the members of the society. The technology is capable of delivering vital information without altering any data, hence guaranteeing clear information to the people. 

Medical Ferry created by HPE Aruba

Most technology used by people to fight COVID 19 is the creation of significant companies that are involved in daily innovation and research and development. Aruba, a company that deals with HPE, recently installed a network on a ferry that turned the ferry into a medical ship.

The ship was meant solely to assist the COVID 19 patients around the Liguria region. The company has also provided pop up COVID clinics as well as temporary hospitals across the US, the UK, and even the European Union to assist the COVID 19 patients and other individuals who might be affected by the infection.

The bottom line

COVID 19 is a global pandemic whose impacts are very adverse. Therefore, the pandemic does not require an individuals’ effort but the effort of every person to ensure that it is a thing of the past. Therefore, doctors, nurses, technologists, and innovators have collaborated with the world’s major corporations to eradicate the pandemic innovatively. With the incorporation of significant technological advancement, it has been more comfortable than ever to rest this pandemic hence the cause of many companies resuming normalcy across the globe. This collaboration again is the only path to the end of avid 19 worldwide.