The Summer of Pride 2020 Steam sale offers discount up to 80 per cent on queer-positive games

The Summer of Pride 2020 Steam sale is now underway, with discounts of up to 80 per cent on queer-positive games including Outer Wilds (which will launch in the midst of the sale, on 18June ), Gone Home, Tacoma, and more according to PC gamer. “We want everyone experience the range of diversity bubbling just below the surface of gaming, whether that’s by getting hands-on with the games or watching a beautiful array of diverse streamers find pieces of themselves in the works of queer developers. Spotlighting creators and media with positive LGBTQ+ representation in characters and storylines saves lives by showing queer youths they are not alone,” said  Read Only Memories: Neurodiver developer MidBoss CEO Cade Peterson who organised the Summer of Pride event. The sale is indie-focused, but there are better-known games in the bunch as well:
    • Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp,
    • Sayonara Wild Hearts (This one is great),
    • The Red Strings Club,
    • VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action,
    • A Mortician’s Tale,
    • Ladykiller in a Bind,
    • All Walls Must Fall,
The Summer of Pride 2020 Steam Sale runs until June 25. Along with the sale, Midboss is also hosting a wider Summer of Pride event featuring daily streamers raising funds for Trans Lifeline, The Trevor Project, and GaymerX, and another sale scheduled for June 20-30 on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Bulk buying of games is also available , a pair of Queer Games Bundles are also available.