The Pokémon Company announces three new games for mobile and Nintendo Switch

Pokémon galore! The Pokémon Company has announced three new games — a mobile-only Pokémon Smile Games, one for mobile and the Nintendo Switch Pokémon Café Mix, and third one Pokémon Snap is just for the Nintendo Switch. The last of them is called  Pokémon Snap, and as you can expect, it’s a follow-up to the two-decade-old Nintendo 64 title. Then there’s Pokémon Café Mix, a free-to-play puzzle game with in-app purchases for Android, iOS, and Switch, about serving dishes and drinks to Pokémon customers. That leaves Pokémon Smile, an app for Android and iOS, designed to make toothbrushing fun for kids. Pokemon Cafe Mix is a puzzle game where players link Pokemon icons together by swirling them around. Linking icons happens by grabbing an icon and dragging it next to another icon of the same Pokemon species. Icons disappear after they’re linked.
The new Pokemon Snap will take trainers to unknown islands where they will have to take photos with their own in-game Pokemon Photodex. The central gameplay of Pokemon Snap revolves around exploration, and trying to take photos of Pokemon in their natural habitats.
Pokemon Smile is already available on iOS and Android. It’s a game that tries to make brushing teeth fun for kids. It uses the phone’s camera to play the game and kids have to brush their teeth to rescue Pokemon that have been captured by cavity-causing bacteria.
Pokémon’s developers also said they would share information on “another big project” on June 24. Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, with earnings of more than $90 billion thanks to games, movies and merchandise, according to a TitleMax report. Nintendo’s stock jumped to a two-year high on Wednesday and is near a 12-year record. Prospects for a second coronavirus wave could mean more lockdowns driving demand for game