The ‘Justice League’ strike a new pose in the latest poster, but Superman still missing

As the world awaits the Justice League with bated breath, here’s a new piece of crumb for the fans to binge on. The latest poster of Justice League is out, and our superheroes are striking a new pose in a black background that bears the phrase “League Up”. As a part of their new promo, the latest cover image of the upcoming DC extravaganza wears the same no-frills look of the previous poster. However, it articulates the very concept of the movie in the new tagline it upholds. What it does maintain, though, is the fact that Superman still remains inconspicuous. The narrative surrounding the man of steel in the movie is still kept under the wraps, and maybe the fans will have to wait for it to roll into cinemas to unravel the mystery. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, Justice League opens in theatres on 17 November 2017.