‘The Gifted’ trailer two analysis: Family takes precedence over all else!

Having watched Noah Hawley’s Legion hit the ground running in its maiden season this year, the X-men lovers are in for another treat this spring. For they know another spin-off show on mutants, The Gifted, premiers this October. A second of its kind, the show draws parallels to Legion in the ‘mutant’ genre and its unveiling at the San Diego Comic Con last month was met with wild ecstasy. Now, the second trailer of the show is out and wastes no time in telling what the crux of the issue here is. Themed ‘Family is the ultimate power’, the clip shows the Strucker family going through the wringer after Reed and Caitlin find out their kids Lauren and Andy have superpowers. And not just them, the cops realise that too, who then show up at their door for further enquiry. The new trailer also shows an underground pack of mutants becoming cognisant of the presence of more like them, thereby stepping out of their closet to familiarise with them. In a bid to protect each other from the vigilantes, the mutants and the Strucker family will have to walk on egg shells. A cat-and-mouse chase ensues, buildings blow up, and more and more dangers rear their ugly head out as things begin to get murkier. The latest teaser does appear promising, and that has only served to whip up the expectation by a notch. A Twentieth Century Fox Television production, The Gifted will run across 10 episodes in the maiden series and will begin airing from 2 October 2017 onwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyScVAJxKYc