The fictional ‘League of Legends’ based TV show wraps up production

League of Legends has been a beacon in the gaming as well as the eSports industry for quite some time now. Acing almost every feat, Riot’s Games’ multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has its own competitive tournament, the LCS, which sees participation from the world’s biggest names from the eSports industry. So, if you’re a fan of League of Legends and all its elements and still can’t get enough of the game, there’s good news for you! There’s an upcoming, fictional show which revolves around a League of Legends player, his team (Their team is probably named Uncle Sam, as seen in the jerseys) and their zeal to play in the European LCS finals. The show titled ‘The Players’ which has just wrapped up the production process recently has been produced by beActive Media and created by Emmy-nominated writer Nuno Bernardo (Sofia’s Diary, Flatmates, Beat Girl). The Players The series will reportedly be available in various formats. There will be eight 12-minute episodes which will be available over the web, or you can choose two 48-minute episodes which will presumably be for television or you can also go for the 90-minute full version which comprises of the full story. The series portrays the journey of the players through the eSports pipeline, what is it to be like when you are born in the digital age, where eSports is rapidly gaining ground and becoming more popular among children and young adults, which is presumably the target audience of the show.