The Creator’s Den: Jazyl Homavazir’s tryst with Manga and Anime

In order to get to know the people who make the AVGC industry work, we at AnimationXpress thought of going beyond the usual. Thus, taking you into the professional lives of creators is our new video series ‘The Creator’s Den’, where you will get to see people live in action.

The Creator’s Den series takes you into the workspace of some of the leading animation and comics artists in the country, as they open up on how they convert a small kernel of an idea to beautiful imagery that catches our fancies. Our second artist is the creator of ‘The Beast Legion’ – Jazyl Homavazir, being a die hard ‘Naruto’ fan is what got him excited about anime and thus began his journey as a comic and animation artist.

A 2D animator and illustrator by profession, Jazyl started reading Manga in early 2007, but it’s only after watching Naruto that he decided to step in to the Manga style comics. His style for Manga art has also earned him a meaty fan following not only in India, but also a few other neighbouring countries. He has also been acknowledged for his work by Comic Con India that won him the best artist award in 2012.

He also secretly wishes that his passion for the art encourages a lot more youngsters to not only take up reading Manga Comics, but also get into creating them. He runs a free to read weekly web-comic The Beast Legion and has been running his website since the last four years and has completed eight issues of the same series and will be releasing issues nine to eleven in the upcoming volume.

In this explanatory video, Jazyl talks about how Manga art is different from other form of Comic art. How it became one of the best decisions of his life and his addiction as well. He also explains the process of his Manga art, how it is done, why it reads from right to left, why do Manga artists use so much of shading in their drawings and what is its significance.

To know more about the art of comics, grab a seat right in front of the class and have a look at the second video in our newly launched series!