The Common Man to make a comeback in an animated avatar!

Common Man Works, a joint venture between RK IPR Management, a company led by family and friends of RK Laxman and Assemblage Entertainment, an Indian animation and content studio is bringing The Common Man back to life in animated form. The launch of this new venture was announced today alongside the book launch of Laxman’s previously unpublished works, Timeless Laxman by honourable prime minister Narendra Modi at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai. Usha Srinivas Laxman, a key force in continuing the legacy of the Common Man, in fond memory of her father-in-law said, “Dad was a visionary. He always wanted The Common Man’s character to live beyond him and felt that animation was a compelling and exciting medium. He believed in the power of storytelling and how animated form could render itself very naturally to this character.” The most iconic Indian mascot – The Common Man – looks at a new form of life in the coming months. A creation by Laxman, the legendary character has touched the lives of people across the country for over six decades, first through individual appearances in comic strips and then a regular illustration in news daily is now on the way to get a renewed animation avatar. Reviving Laxman’s uncanny ability to keep his finger on the pulse of an entire nation and gently, yet wittily nudge it towards a better future, Assemblage CEO AK Madhavan said, “Shri RK Laxman is indeed a legend. Using the aid of an adorable and honourable old man, he was able to change the outlook of the largest democracy in the world, one chuckle at a time. What was most powerful however was that The Common Man’s character had no specific name, age, religion, political views or any such attributes, yet had the most unique identity and personality. Humour and wit will be in abundance and there will be room for a more progressive and current flavour to the new rendition.” What makes The Common Man so endearing to the nation is his ability to take a difficult situation and give it a humorous spin. During all these years, he has seen the country go through thick and thin with situations ranging from politics and international affairs to natural calamities, private sector undertakings, the film industry and many more. While talking to AnimationXpress, Madhavan added, “It’s a momentous occasion for all of us today to have revival of the most iconic comic character – The Common Man by the prime minister. Launching this in an animated form of content is an exciting time for all of us in the animation industry! We are excited to bring our beloved Common Man in animation form in 2019.” As a stark observer, Laxman’s unique ability to be at the right place, at the right time and bring out the irony or comedy in any given situation makes him a favourite with audiences of all age groups, and this will be the driving philosophy of the new venture.