The comics that inspired the best video games

Over the years, we have seen video games based on movies and TV shows that have been good, but a majority of them don’t ever live up to the expectations. However, there have been a fair few that have broken the mould and offered something great for gamers. On the other hand, some of them just aren’t that fun to play and they simply feel like a way to earn more money from the said film or show. However, with comic books, things are slightly different. Comic books have produced some great video games over the years, which have even crossed over to other genres. One of them which saw the most success was the online casino industry and testimony to this has been that near enough all established casinos like Unibet carry a number of games with comic book themes. The question then arises, which comic books have inspired the best games? Batman Batman comic books by DC Comics are some of the most popular ever made. Batman himself is one of the world’s best loved superheroes as he fought against evil and numerous bad guys in Gotham City. Alongside allies such as Robin, Batman’s adventures soon found themselves the inspiration behind video games too. Batman: Arkham Asylum really stands out as possibly the best Batman video game ever made as it gave the players the first chance to fully control Batman and all of his abilities. Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man is another fictional superhero whose adventures rapidly became popular in comic book form. The Stan Lee created character was one of the biggest Marvel Comics characters of all time and has gone on to enjoy great success in other areas such as movie theatres, on television and in video game form too. Spider-Man 2 is based on the Spider-Man 2 film and these all came from the original comic book stories. You could say the game gave players the first real chance to experience a superhero experience in an open world setting. It was a sort of Spider-Man meets GTA, with plenty of missions and bad guys along the way. The Punisher The Punisher is another Marvel character, but he goes around solving crime in a very different way in his comic book stories compared to other heroes. The Punisher is more of a vigilante who wages war against the mob and criminals with the death of his wife and children driving him on. He kills, kidnaps and extorts in order to rid the world of evil and when Punisher became a video game, he and the game were an instant hit with players. The storyline and gameplay were perfect and the amount of gore in the game reflected that seen in the comic books too, which again pleased fans. The Incredible Hulk Hulk the character is an instantly recognisable one due to his green appearance. He’s a famous Marvel Comics character who in his normal form as Bruce Banner, is extremely weak and reserved, while as the Incredible Hulk, he’s the exact contrast. Fans loved the comic books which starred Hulk due to the fact he had the ability to literally destroy anything in his path and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was a game based on the comic books that really delivered in Hulk’s specialist subject- destruction. It’s a great open world offering and players get the chance to enjoy an authentic Hulk experience, destroying everything on their path.