TFC Game Lab – A dedicated space for game developers to work and collaborate to open in Delhi

Delhi game developers are in for a treat. Starting tomorrow 15 May, a new space will be one of the bright spots to locate game developers working and collaborating on games and ideas. TFC Game Lab is a collaboration between The Founders Café, Lucid Labs founder Chirag Chopra and AppRoarr founder Jaskaran Singh. We talk to Chirag and Jaskaran to find out about the new place and what’s in store for the game developers. “TFC Game Lab is an initiative to support and promote the indie game developers of India. We aim to become one stop shop for game dev entrepreneurs by providing an unique co-working space to game developers, promoting collaboration and helping them create their next big thing with support like game funds, hardware, publisher tie-ups and mentorships,” says Chirag. How does one approach them for a space at the Game Lab and what plans are on offer? “Right now we are offering couple of plans to people who are interested in becoming a part of TFC Game Lab. We are inviting game devs to come and pitch their ideas to us and we’ll help them with funds, publisher tie-ups, resources, collaboration. The idea is to create a holistic ecosystem of talented game devs who can prosper with collaboration and resources offered by TFC Game Lab,” expresses Jaskaran. TFC-2 TFC Game Lab is built with the motto ‘For the Indies, By the Indies’ and four studios have already booked the space and Chirag is expecting more after the launch party. Chirag says that TFC Game Lab right now has space for 20 to 25 people but plans to scale up as they get more registrations. “We are not trying to fill the space with just any dev, we want to build a community of talented studios and individuals who have potential to make awesome games. Quality over quantity,” ends Chirag. TFC Game Lab will open its door with a launch party tomorrow. The attendees will be in for fun and play time with a number of games lined up: both on consoles and smartphones. One can also experience Virtual Reality (VR) at the party and network with fellow game developers.