Temple Run: New developments on the game franchise coming soon

Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most popular games franchise that cuts across all age-groups, dominating almost 55 percent of the market share of gaming apps on the Android platform.

At the recent IGDC (India Game Developer Conference) at Hyderabad, Imangi Studio CEO Walter Devins gave an insightful presentation on various aspects of game development. Extolling the importance of mindfulness, he further elaborated on their ethos and meditative-work-culture where his employees are expected to not use their smartphones during meetings which has increased performance and efficiency. Between light-hearted series of video clips featuring a live-action monkey running behind Imangi Studio members and sapient piece of advice on game development, Devins spilled the beans on the upcoming game additions and maps too.

Speaking to AnimationXpress, Devins revealed, “We listened to our Indian players and we created a map called Jungle Map, and has two Indian characters. And that map is really popular in US and UK because Indian lore and culture is really popular in the rest of the world. India is becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of technology, education and economy.”

He added, “We have 15 new maps and 22 characters that we’ve come out with and are continuing to work on and we are launching two versions of the game, starting next year”

While one of these games is scheduled to come out in October next year, and the other temple run game in 2021. We can’t wait for the upcoming versions!