Tell your tales in this quirky lockdown animation project

Based out of London, Seed Animation is a playful and quirky working space, passionate about character designing and of course animation. As almost the entire globe is in lockdown, the animation house came up with a project to poke fun at our new, personal routine.  Titled Tales from Lockdown, the idea behind this project was to have fun animated clips from anybody across the globe, which we all can look back on and think how bizarre things got during this lockdown. Anyone and everyone can enter the contest. Seed had been planning to run a new community project for a while, but life got in the way and the team was very busy in the beginning of the year. “When the pandemic really kicked in, we finally had a bit of time in our hands and the idea came straight away. The reason for being able to work on something fun was the lockdown, so it was obvious that the project would be built around that. The structure is based on our similar challenges we’ve done in the past,” mentioned Seed Animation new business and marketing Viki Bebok. The studio is interested in knowing how our creative community is tackling situations during this time. Everyone’s situation is slightly different, and this provides a platform for everyone to share theirs. The studio will share each individual animation (with the artists’ social handle and location) on the evolving Tales from Lockdown- Instagram page. Once they have everyone’s entries, they will choose a few clips to create a film showcasing a variety of disciplines. The studio will choose their favourite entry each week (from 20 April), which will be shared on Seed Animation’s social platforms with a short intro from the artist. After the final deadline, the studio will release the showcase film on Seed Animation’s website and social media platforms. You can find details about the initiative on the official website of Seed Animation. Bebok thinks great creativity can be born out of limitations, and this situation certainly provides that. “While the foot is off the gas we all have time to reflect, and it’s at these times when creativity can flow. Realising these thoughts is our tonic,” she concluded. Talent heads out there, it’s time to show off your animation skills. And give the world something worthy to look back at after we get over this pandemic!