Teaser trailer of animated feature, ‘Boonie Bears: The Wild Life’ released

Fantawild, animation studio based out of China has unveiled the teaser trailer for Boonie Bears: The Wild Life. This is the seventh feature in Boonie Bears franchise.

A thrilling new place opens on Pine Tree Mountain, “Wild Life”, that offers a legendary experience. By wearing a gene-altering bracelet, guests can transform themselves into a variety of animals! Vick discovers that Wild life is hosting a competition with a massive grand prize and decides to enter. He teams up with Bramble and a mysterious man named Leon, astonishingly winning the tournament! Soon afterward, Leon is caught trying to secretly copy the park data by the owner, Tom, and Vick discovers that hybrid guests are going feral and attacking others… Who is the mysterious Leon? Is Tom the mastermind Vick has to fight…

The Boonie Bears brand has had 300+ billion clicks on digital platforms and produces over $735 million annually in merchandising sales worldwide. Boonie Bears: The Wild Life is scheduled to hit cinemas in China on 25 January 2020, the first day of the Chinese New Year.

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