TASI targets kids in Hyderabad to encourage taking up a career in animation

The Animation Society of India (TASI) is looking to address children in the city of Hyderabad very soon. It will be conducting a dedicated workshop for children above 8 years at Brahmakumari Shanti Sarovar on 15 March 2015. The session will be on Animation film appreciation where school children will be introduced to different mediums of film making, followed by an interactive pixillation workshop. The idea of conducting a session for children in Hyderabad was hatched by Bhakti Deepak, an animation teacher based in Hyderabad. Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, TASI committee member Vaibhav Kumaresh revealed, “TASI has conducted dedicated sessions with children earlier too and we are glad to be at it again. TASI sessions in different cities are purely a result of initiatives from highly committed local volunteers. We are also thankful to Mr Vineel Pindi from Mozilla HIVE and Collab House for extending their financial support to the event.” To begin the day, TASI teammates (Ranjit Tony Singh, Vaibhav Kumaresh and Akshata Udiaver) will introduce the audience to a variety of international animation films created by different film makers in varied mediums and techniques. The screening will showcase how different film makers tell their stories using the medium of animation as an effective tool. It will also highlight how each medium of animation has its own beautiful charm. Post lunch they will get into an interactive pixillation workshop. “We will demonstrate live how animation is created by animating people from the audience frame by frame. We will then playback the captured stills to see the ‘movement’. Thus the audience would be able to witness the entire process from start to end,” he added.  TASI is an organisation that has been formed with a view to increase awareness of the medium of animation in India. It aims to educate the emerging generation and the public at large and at the same time provide a platform for exchange of creative and technical information within the existing art and animation fraternity in India. It also screened animation movies like The Boxtrolls, which was not released in India, giving a platform to youngsters to interact with people from international studios. Though the session is primarily for children, parents can also attend by paying a nominal fee. “It would be great for parents also to attend as well so that they are aware of the immense potential of animation as a future career option for their children,” ended Vaibhav.