Take another sneak peek at ‘Big Hero 6 The Series’

Disney XD has rolled out yet another Sneak Peek of the upcoming Big Hero 6 The Series. The video shows Hiro, Baymax, HoneyLemon, Go Go and Wasabi trying to defuse a situation at the Lucky Cat Cafe, when they receive an emergency call from Fred. “Guys, emergency, now,” he shouts on the video call and the team suits up and leaves for his bungalow. On reaching the place however, they are surprised to find him getting his toe nails trimmed. “This does not appear to be an emergency,” Baymax says. As funny as Wasabi’s reaction! The story in the series takes place after the events of Big Hero 6, the movie. The trailer for the series also features Hero’s Aunt Cass as the owner of the cafe, hiding behind Baymax as a part of the coffee machine is hurled at them. News of Big Hero 6 series premiering on Disney XD came out in March 2016 and the first teaser was released last month. Developed by Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley and produced by Disney Television Animation, Big Hero 6 The Series is scheduled to premiere this November.