Summer Stories’ founder Amrita Aswani releases ‘A to Z Affirmation & Wellness book for kids’

Amrita Aswani

Positive thinking can have a huge impact on little one’s well-being and self-esteem. Inspired by her one-year-old son, a long-term practitioner of positive affirmations and Summer Stories’ founder Amrita Aswani released her first book called A to Z Affirmation & Wellness book for kids

The affirmation book, which is a hardback of 28 pages, features positive words with all 26 letters A-Z, their meanings and an engaging activity for children, where they get to put in their own affirmations down as per their understanding of these words. All the 26 words, along with a simplified child friendly definition for each word with relevant pictorial illustration, makes the book an engaging and an easy learning tool.

Aswani collaborated with child psychologist Shrradha Sidhwani to work on the A to Z Affirmation words along with their meanings. With the help of her affirmations book, this mom and businesswoman is laying the foundation for self-love, self-confidence and self- esteem amongst the kids. The book is targeted at children aged between five and 12, but children younger than five can also use it.

Talking about the book, Aswani said, “I have published a book that helps children to understand the power of words, positive words and affirmation. It helps children to unlock that power within them and be inspired by the most powerful voice (their own) of the world.”

She further added, “What I want through the book is for every kid to believe in themselves, their abilities and their talent without fears like I am not good enough; What if I fail? How a child’s mind is fed is what he or she shapes up to be. I feel if a person is trained to think positively, using affirmations early in life; it will genuinely take them a long way.”

Adding a bit more description to her book she said, “Some of the words in the book are focused, grateful, confident, mindful, brave, honest, joyful and kind. These words are everything you want your child to be. The book acts as a great conversation starter with your child. Each page has a small box posing different questions like – When do you feel brave? When do you feel joyful? What’s your X- factor? You can make them aware of their own abilities through this book.”

The child can share their multiple experiences with their parents where they felt brave and write down one or two instances. The Affirmation and Wellness book is coupled with affirmation coloring bookmarks which is a fun element added to make the experience more joyful.

A to Z Affirmation & Wellness book for kids is now available through Summer Stories website, and will also be available on Amazon, Firstcry, Nestery and My Baby Babbles.