Studio Pascal Blais becomes TONIC DNA on its 35th anniversary

Pascal Blais, the Academy Award-winning animation production studio has reinvented its brand with a new name and image. Set apart by its animators, directors and their innovative spirit, it will be known as TONIC DNA from now on.

Founded in Canada in 1983, the studio emerged high with its versatility and its quality productions. The current year seems to be a turning point for the brand with the new look and feel representing its 35 years of experience and approach in looking ahead to the future.

“TONIC DNA reflects our directors and (N) animators. With their fresh and dynamic approach they play a key role not only in our new name but also in our strategy moving forward. The coming months and years will set the stage for our future and certainly that of the animation community in Quebec,” said advertising vice president and executive producer Stefanie Bitton.

From left: Bernard Lajoie, Stefanie Bitton, Howard Huxham

The TONIC DNA team is made up of internationally awarded directors, artists and animation experts, known for their range of animation styles including 2D/3D CGI, motion graphics, stop-motion, VFX and live-action. The studio’s productions include Academy Award-winner The Old Man and the Sea and the  nominee The Old Lady and the Pigeons. Its advertising clientele consists brands such as McDonald’s, United Airlines, Nestlé, Got Milk, Coca-Cola and Cadillac.

“Our Oscar, BAFTA, Genie and Jutra awards have only strengthened our desire to continue producing the highest quality animation content. We want to remain the reference in terms of innovative and original animations,” stated co-founder, vice president and executive producer Bernard Lajoie.

With offices in Montreal, Toronto and Mexico City, the studio is developing co-productions and services for the international entertainment industry and strives to develop and produce content for the advertising industry, web series, television, film and interactive media solutions for diverse clients around the world.

TV and film vice president and executive producer Howard Huxham said, “We are reaching our full potential in terms of advertising, animated series and cinema and we are confident that our new brand will help shine a brighter light on the talent of our directors, animators and artists, both at home and abroad.”