Studio of the Week| Xigma Games

Name: Xigma Games About : Founded in 2015, Xigma Games is an indie studio specializing in developing games on creative, original and innovative ideas for the global market. Based in Bangalore, a team of passionate gamers with a mission to put India on the global map of game development. Location: Bangalore Projects: The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores What are the current trends you’re seeing in the Indian gaming space? Currently, online games with social features and multiplayer are hugely popular. The mobile gaming market will continue to grow and social features with multiplayer games will play a pivotal role to drive the growth of the mobile market in India. Free to play with ads monetisation is still the major share of the revenue for most of the developers in India though we are seeing an increase in conversion to in-app purchases. Fantasy sports and card games are as popular as ever and Real money gaming is gaining a lot of traction and bringing in a new set of players. On the other side, there are small indie studios who are focusing on the global audience on different platforms such as PC and consoles and trying to push the creative boundaries and trying to make a mark globally. What are the challenges in this ecosystem? The gaming ecosystem is ever-changing and always evolving and the biggest challenge is to keep up with the pace of the industry. Also, it’s difficult to find experienced and skilled candidates for the job as the industry is relatively new in India. Though in recent times we have seen many colleges have started providing courses for game development in India. We need more creative and experienced people in the industry and people who are willing to take risks and think differently. What’s one message you’d like to share with the aspiring enthusiasts? The gaming industry is as lucrative as ever and it’s only going to grow from here. There are a lot more opportunities now presently available in all the various aspects of game development. If you are an aspiring enthusiast who wants to get into game development then pick your area of interest such as game programming, art or game design and work on your skills and build a great portfolio.