Studio of the Week| Vaibhav More Films

Name of studio: Vaibhav More Films About the studio: Vaibhav More Films works mostly in advertising and creating animated promos for television. It’s amongst India’s very few studios which are working using open source software. After working in various streams from TV, digital to mobile, online for 17 years, founder Vaibhav More decided to branch out as a animation, design production studio in 2009. Location: Kharghar ,Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Projects: Current projects include brands like Vodafone, Dixcy Scott, and Nickolodeon
Vaibhav More Films
What are the current trends you’re seeing in the Indian animation space? The IP space is growing with leap and bounds as we have more kids channels launching every year and at the same time the digital branding market is growing largely. OTT platforms have opened up a new window of opportunities for live-action and animation creators, whereas, advertising is flourishing with new brands coming up and demanding large scale promotions. Gaming is another sector which is still in its primitive mode here as compared to other nations, but the enormous data consumption has created so many opportunities for new creators to explore and expand. What are the challenges in this ecosystem? The challenges are many. Due to lack of awareness about the profession in culture, creative jobs are still not considered as profession in our society. The lack of government support in creative sectors is something which we find missing. SkillIndia is a just a name sake thing, as there is still huge gap between academics and profession. We need to have more institutes that can encourage creative courses, as the demand is more as compared to the supply. Spreading awareness about films and animation is the need of the hour. What’s one message you’d like to share with the aspiring enthusiasts? Hardwork without right knowledge is useless. Educate yourself and do not expect spoon-feeding in this industry.