Studio Ghibli museum transports all in the magical world through a virtual tour

As the tourists destinations close their doors for visitors, many museums are finding out new ways to reach out to the people. Studio Ghibli fans are being offered a rare look inside the iconic animation house’s eponymous museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. The Museum does not allow photography and is known for its illusory, limited bookings and opening times. But now, this wonderful and creative world has been opened up to fans through videos on their recently launched YouTube channel. The first clip pans through the entrance and explores the lush vine mural in the lobby. In the second, we get to check out the Room Where a Film Is Born — imagining the creative space of a young artist who dreams of making his own film, filled with inspirational items and sketches as well as subtly placed prop replicas from Ghibli movies. The third video catches the museum after dark, highlighting its beautiful stained glass windows (inspired by My Neighbor Totoro) and light fixtures. If you want to totally get transported into this magical world of Ghibli, the entire movie catalogue is now available on Netflix.