StratusCore now available to one and all in the digital content production industry

StratusCore, a content production technology company, announced the general availability of its cloud-based digital content production platform and suite of tools for the digital content industry. Film, television, gaming, advertising, virtual reality and other industries developing content for digital mediums can take advantage of StratusCore’s comprehensive offering of on-demand tools, services and community resources that eliminate the complexity and inefficiency often associated with the data-intensive content creation process. Through StratusCore’s platform, digital artists gain affordable access to popular content creation tools and a marketplace of projects to which they can submit their credentials. At the same time, productions and studios gain superior control and protection of all assets and resources. Global media and entertainment organisations including Sony, Sony Interactive, Universal, DreamWorks and Netflix have used StratusCore’s cloud-based platform to access high-speed large file transfer, secure storage, cloud rendering, role-based services provisioning, and remote collaboration. More than 45,000 digital artists worldwide are able to leverage StratusCore’s virtual workstation technology, with on-demand pay-as-you need access to content creation tools from companies like AutoDesk, The Foundry, NVIDIA and Chaos Group.
Denise Muyco
Denise Muyco
“As the cloud has gained broad acceptance and adoption, the time was right in the market for an all-encompassing ecosystem that mitigates the pain points of all parties involved in the digital content development space, from studios and production companies to individual artists,” said StratusCore, co-founder and CEO, Denise Muyco. “We’re pleased to be working with innovative studios, over the top (OTT) providers, post-production houses, game developers and artists to help reimagine the digital content creation industry.” StratusCore’s cloud-based dashboard also provides:
  1. Unprecedented visibility: Studios and productions can securely track a project’s assets from inception to delivery, orchestrate hundreds of freelance digital artists, and access rich data around people, assets and financial investments across global teams.
  2. Substantial cost savings: StratusCore’s pay-as-you-go approach only requires that artists pay for the time they use the tools, removing the high cost of entry and bringing the average cost of entry to $1,500.
  3. Secure collaboration: With content transferred via private networks and accessed securely through a virtual desktop, production managers and content owners retain superior control of assets with role-based access control. Project-specific email contains communication within a production and controls leaks. StratusCore’s platform is Motion Picture Association (MPA)-compliant, meeting the highest standards of security required by the industry.
With a surge in digital content consumption and subscription services such as Netflix, along with an increase in computer-generated content displacing on-location shoots, the digital content market is expected to reach $549 billion by 2019. In tandem, cloud services represent a $148 billion industry projected to grow 25 per cent annually. Moreover, according to Cisco, motion imagery will be responsible for 82 per cent of all network traffic by 2020. Specifically, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are projected to represent a combined $120 billion revenue industry by 2020. Data-intensive industries, including film, television and gaming require quick sharing of massive files, heavy computation and petabytes (PB) of storage. To remain agile and competitive, access to turnkey cloud-based solutions that modernise the content creation processes will become increasingly critical. Line producer and 30-year industry veteran Warren Carr added, “It is abundantly clear that we are facing a tsunami-sized wave of data and an unquenchable demand to store, protect, share and move it in massive volumes at greater speeds while being able to track and archive it almost at the particle level. StratusCore is tackling these issues head on with innovative solutions.”