‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ actor Jon Paul Steuer passes away

Star Trek franchise’s 2018 has got off to a whimper as Jon Paul Steuer, famous for playing Alexander Rozhenko in Star Trek Next Generation, has reportedly passed away at 33. Whilst the cause of death remains obscure, the Grace Under Fire star is said to have died during the turn of the new year. Steuer first forayed into the television circuit as the son of Worf in the American television series Star Trek, courtesy his ability to “sit still” for the duration of three hours that it took to get the Klingon prosthetics on. However, he’d later on establish his acting chops as Quentin Kelly in another hit American sitcom Grace Under Fire, whilst also starring in the 1994 movie Little Giants. The actor then turned musician after forming the punk rock band Kill City Thrillers, where he performed as the lead singer. The band was dissolved in 2009, which paved his way into the culinary world as Steuer turned chef in 2015, starting his own restaurant in Portland named Harvest that has purportedly shut operations post his shock death. The news has triggered an avalanche of tributes on the social media with his former band members and the Star Trek universe too pouring down heart-felt words in his memory.