Star Trek: Discover- Aftermath has been announced

Star Trek: Discovery will delve into Spock’s relationship with Michael Burnham in a new miniseries from IDW Publishing.  Three-issue comic book miniseries from writers Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson and artist Tony Shasteen, the series picks up after the surprising events of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season finale in which Spock mourns the loss of his sister. According to, the series finds Capt. Christopher Pike and High Chancellor L’Rell trying to improve the dimming peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingons Empire. Whereas Spock discovers new mysteries with respect to his sister that needs to be investigated.
“The new series shows how Pike, Spock, L’Rell, and the rest of the cast deal with the fallout from the mind-blowing events of Season Two,” Johnson said in a statement. “And we couldn’t be happier that Tony Shasteen is beaming back onboard for this story!” “To be able to follow up on the huge status-quo shift presented in that finale is a dream come true, especially with a team as talented as Kirsten, Mike, and Tony,” said IDW editor Chase Marotz. We will keep you updated as and well Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath releases