Stan Lee’s fictional superheroes graced Pakka Hyderabad – 2019

Do you have any favourite Marvel comic books, movies or characters? Chances are that “Stan Lee” had a hand in creating them. IACG and RFS commemorated the incredible contribution of Stan Lee, to the Comic World in the event, Pakka Hyderabad. It is South India’s biggest entertainment and shopping carnival, a fusion of entertainment, expo, fun and food for 13 days. This event is witnessed food stalls, handicraft items, food grains, vintage gifts and antiques, ready-made garments, tattoo studio, comic shops, bookstores, fun activities and games, open stage activities… and many more   International Academy of Computer Graphics (IACG) and Ramanaidu Film School (RFS) jointly came forward to contribute acceptable support to this event, in the form of engaging their students in Cosplay. IACG and RFS collaborated five years ago, with a common agenda of ‘giving back to the society and preserving the rich heritage of Indian storytelling’ and with a next level idea of taking this to an international platform. Apart from the above-mentioned collaboration also aimed at enhanced curriculum modules in the film-making segment. Combining the most sophisticated technology at RFS to the latest and upgraded curriculum at IACG, a student shall get all the needed training to become an ace film-maker. Students from various programs of IACG and RFS (like graduation, post-graduation and diploma programs), actively participated in this event and remained as visual feast to visitors. Visitors competed to take snaps with their favourite comic character(s) and also recalled the contribution of Stan Lee to the comic world. This event went on with soars and roars and came to an end on 6 January 2019. All individuals interested in art and aesthetics, visited this event place and enjoyed every moment of their stay at Pakka Hyderabad, and took home good memories to cherish forever. Cosplay at Pakka Hyderabad became a reality and remained a visual treat just because of the following members’ participation, mentors initiation and encouragement. Cosplay By
  • Ironman – Ramakrishna Kothoju, Iacg Ameerpet
  • Groot – R. Prasanna Sumadhar, Iacg Ameerpet
  • Spider-Man – M. Dhan Kishore, Iacg Jubilee Hills
  • Doctor Strange – V. Sai Deekshith, Iacg Ameerpet
  • Thor – Sagar Konwar, Iacg Jubilee Hills
  • Baahubali – B. Vijay Kaushik, Iacg Ameerpet
  • O – U. Saketh Gupta, Iacg Ameerpet